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Home River Ocean aims to improve water quality in coastal and wetland environments by influencing urban fertiliser behaviours. The “Save the Crabs, Then eat Them” campaigns focus on lifestyle as the main driver for change, using the iconic Blue Swimmer Crab and humour to connect with the South West community.

Urban areas are an increasing source of nutrients to our coastal environments. Nutrients from fertiliser cause algal blooms that remove oxygen from waterways when they decay, causing harm to local wildlife. No crab should die like that. They should perish in a tasty garlic butter!

Through simple changes to the timing of fertiliser application we can protect the coastal lifestyle (and those tasty crabs) we all love.

This year saw the revival of the popular winter television campaign across the South West, which feature acclaimed actor, Myles Pollard. The commercials ran on two regional networks, reaching an audience of 260,000 across 1948 spots; that’s a total air time of over 11 hours! The television campaign was supported by print newspaper advertising, engagement events, store displays, mail outs and an extensive social media campaign. The autumn campaign was also run on social media in 2017, with both campaigns engaging a new and diverse audience. The campaigns reached 70,524 people on social media, with a total engagement of 942 (likes, shares and comments).

The Crab Friendly Garden “Crab Champion” competition allowed community members to publicly pledge their commitment to the target behaviour. Crab Friendly Garden signs and bin stickers were provided to residents and displayed on front verges. This was not only a fun way to engage the community, but utilised the important behaviour change tools of prompts and social norms to further influence behaviour beyond the direct engagement activities of the campaign.

“The fertilisers we have are super powerful, fast acting and not designed for the sand. Studies have shown that plants only have 12 minutes to grab nutrients before they are lost. When you combine the sandy soils, water repellency and fast-acting fertilisers, 95% of your money is going straight down the drain.”  

Chris Ferreira, The Forever Project


Home River Ocean is now a widely supported and recognised project in the South West community. To build on this success and brand recognition, the project will be expanded to include additional urban nutrient behaviours. These will be promoted through the development of short videos, featuring our good friends Crusty and Chrisso, as well as events, partnerships and social media campaigning.

A comprehensive evaluation of the project will also be undertaken to document success, lessons learnt and future recommendations.

We are also planning a crowdfunding project for crab slippers so watch this space…. you may have the chance to wear your very own Crusty and Chrisso replicas!


Crusty and Chrisso were offered a spot on a popular reality TV cooking show but declined the offer because of their commitments to the Home River Ocean project. And also because it was being filmed during the footy finals.

100 ha of urban land benefiting from management practice change

100 ha of urban land benefiting from management practice change

1 television campaign

1 television campaign

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Sarah Molloy

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