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The Regional Community Engagement project aims to increase community awareness and understanding of natural resources in the South West. The project builds the capacity and skills of the South West community to enable them to be involved in caring for their environment.

The project supports our Regional Partners, the many Landcare and NRM officers and volunteers in the South West, by investing in capacity building activities and facilitating the development of their knowledge and skill bases.  In building community capacity, we recognise and acknowledge the integral role the community plays in driving and achieving environmental and sustainable agriculture outcomes.

The project is delivered in a strategic and targeted approach to ensure it is effective, efficient and meets a community need. It focuses on the key areas of strategic engagement events, regional events, communications, governance and other targeted engagement, to assist the community to better care for our South West environment.

The program delivered 9 strategic events during 2016/17, the majority of which were delivered in partnership with government agencies, local government and community groups. Together, these events engaged 49 groups and 210 people.

The events included a youth engagement workshop, events to educate the public about collaborative governance and influencing on-farm decisions, Regional Coordination Team meetings, SWCC Association meetings, and of course the annual South West Celebration was held in November 2016.

In addition, there were 82 strategic communication undertakings during 2016/17. This included a range of media releases featuring community engagement to environmental management and sustainable agriculture, radio interviews, website updates, social media and 21 editions of the South West Link e-newsletter, which now has 1,275 subscribers.

“This event is always on-target, practical and timely! Thank you for putting on an amazing event once again! Well done SWCC team!

2016 South West Celebration participant


SWCC will continue the success of its Regional Community Engagement project post 2016/17 to further build the knowledge, skills and capacity of the NRM community through a range of events, media releases, social media and other innovative and strategic communications and engagement mechanisms.


The SWCC website was relaunched in 2016/17 and had 8,994 sessions and 5,719 users


  • Nannup Music Club
  • Friends of Dandatup Brook
  • Dunsborough Coast and Land Care
  • Leschenault Catchment Council
  • Warren Catchments Council
  • Dumbleyung Community Resource Centre

6 strategic engagements events

9 strategic engagement events

20 communications undertakings

82 communications undertakings

Project Manager

Nerilee Boshammer

Key Partners

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