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South West Strategic Groundworks is a three year project that funds local Natural Resource Management (NRM) priorities, through on-ground projects and engagement activities.

This includes projects that support the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices, protect biodiversity and sites of ecological value, increase the skills and knowledge of the community in NRM and other priority activities identified within local and regional NRM plans and strategies.

Strategic Groundworks is targeted at a select group of locally based Landcare and NRM organisations across the South West, so that they can directly facilitate and engage their communities in Landcare and sustainable agricultural activities on private and public land. It also assists the capacity of these groups.

On-ground implementation continues, with a range of activities being carried out over the year. Specific achievements include delivery of:

  • 44 events attracting 931 participants;
  • 30 nest boxes installed (cockatoo, red tailed phascogale, microbats);
  • 3 marine debris clean ups removing 375 kg of debris;
  • 2 erosion management activities protecting 1.3 ha;
  • An impressive 30.3 km of fencing installed to protect 600.235 ha of vegetation;
  • One management plan created for a 20.5ha area;
  • A staggering 61,643 seedlings planted over 49.445 ha;• 7 ha of site preparation;
  • Two fauna surveys identifying 12 species;
  • 21 plant survival surveys;
  • 16 water quality surveys involving 267 people;
  • 18 weed mapping surveys; and
  • 65 ha of weed treatment.

SWCC personnel carried out site visits in October 2016 and February 2017 to meet participants and look at on-ground work. Nine properties were visited across the eastern and western parts of the region covering the Kent, Katanning, Wagin-Woodanilling, Dumbleyung Shires as well as the Margaret River, Geocatch and Lower Blackwood areas. Training was also run with some of the groups. The visits provided a wonderful chance to see the successes and challenges each group is dealing with in delivering their projects and to get the views of landholders on the project.

“If we are helped with some money to do this work, we do the best quality fencing money can buy.  It has to be here for life.

Strategic Groundworks funding recipient, Mr John Pickford of Woodanilling


On-ground works will be completed by 30 April 2018 and final reporting by 30 June 2018. SWCC will undertake more site visits during this period.


The red-tailed phascogale males die from organ failure or infection after frenzied copulation, an activity which can take up to six hours.


  • Blackwood Basin Group
  • Bridgetown-Greenbushes Community Landcare
  • Dumbleyung Land Conservation District Committee
  • GeoCatch
  • Katanning Land Conservation District Committee
  • Leschenault Catchment Council
  • Lower Blackwood Land Conservation District Committee
  • Nature Conservation Margaret River Region
  • Shire of Kent
  • Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone
  • Warren Catchment Council
  • Shire of West Arthur Landcare
  • Shire of Kojonup

Detailed project plans finalised for contracted Strategic Groundworks Grants

Detailed project plans finalised for contracted Strategic Groundworks Grants

Project Manager

Rebecca Walker and Wendy Wilkins

Key Partners

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